Meet Dolly Oliver

Website designer & Web Goddess Gallery owner

My Website Design Speciality

My current specialty is designing websites for artists. But this hasn’t always the case. I’ve been designing websites for over a decade and during those first years, I designed sites for a diverse group of clients including an Inventor, a Dog Trainer, a Hair Salon owner, a Woodworker and Carpenter, a Charter School, and a Writer to name just a few.

The turning point in my career came when I asked myself the question— What lights me up? My answer: Art and Music! From that point forward, my design focus became the visual arts and crafts, musical arts, performance arts; and more recently, community benefit organizations. There is an amazing high in working with artistic clients and folks who want to make a difference. And, I’ve been lit up ever since!

How Web Goddess Gallery got started—

I’ve always been interested in the visual arts, and I’d spent years gaining experience in computer technology as part of my job. So, after retiring from the public school system in 2005, I enrolled in a series of website and design classes to hone my skills. After this period of training, I was ready to jump in with both feet.

Coincidentally, my daughter Kristin was in business as a photographer at the time, and she was more than willing to be my first client. I couldn’t have asked for a more talented and dedicated partner. Her amazing travel and portrait photography was the perfect venue for launching the very first Web Goddess Gallery website. 

 A Snapshot of where I hang out …

The little town of North San Juan, CA is perched along the original 49’er gold mining trail, in the northern foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It’s one of those, “Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!” towns. In the 1970s a lot of the hip folks from the San Francisco Bay area relocated here and set to farming the land and rearing their children. The town hasn’t changed much, and it still maintains its unique character and culture.

The above photo is the view from my in-home studio. During breaks, I’ll wander out on the deck and take it all in. It not only gives my eyes a rest but also quiets my mind.

Heading south from North San Juan on Highway 49, it’s literally “over the river and through the woods” to the historic cities of Nevada City and Grass Valley. All three of our historic gold rush towns strongly support the community and the arts.

I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your project!


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