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Life is a journey, and each path is unique. My path led me to website design for artists, and I’ve been doing this for a number of years. Visual artists, craftspeople, musicians, stage performers: they enrich my life and inspire me!

My website design services are available for other callings as well. I especially enjoy working on projects that enhance the lives of people in our local communities and beyond.

Below are some ideas for artist websites, along with other tips and resources.


Ideas for a Solo Artist

Feature a Portfolio Gallery of your best work, include video or audio clips; showcase upcoming events; publish an artist statement or bio, and add links to your social network sites.

If you sell your art on an E-commerce site, such as Etsy or Fine Art America, provide a direct link from your custom website.

You could also add a Blog spotlighting your work, or use it as an instructional tool; keep in touch with visitors and develop your mailing list by way of a contact form; and, include other information you want to share about yourself and your work!

 Ideas for Stage Performers

Showcase your newest CD album release or dazzle your fans with a performance video. Devote a page to group members; include a photo gallery; add an events calendar for your gigs; provide links to social networking sites. Maybe even start a blog! Upload video performance clips to YouTube or Vimeo and embed or link them on your website.

If you outsource your music to a “direct-to-fan” website like Band Camp, provide a link to your music from your custom website. Let your fans know more about you and how to book a performance.


You will be providing your designer with good quality digital photos for your portfolio gallery, website pages, and posts. You can take these photos yourself, or have your work photographed or scanned professionally. Stock photography is also available, but read the “limitations on use” carefully.


How to Photograph Your Art by Artzy Shark guest blogger, Peggy Farren.

Portfolio Image and Project Galleries

Your custom DIVI theme comes loaded with a stylish gallery template. It’s also user-friendly for those who want to self-edit their site.

Below is an example of an image portfolio preview page, featuring a grid with 16 images . On the live website, the grid thumbnail images open up into a light box and slideshow. Galleries can feature products, as well as visuals from projects you may be working on and want to share.

Website Logo

Your website logo can be a simple illustration; or, perhaps your company name in a display font of your choosing. Use your logo in other ways such as on your business cards, stationery, invoices, brochures, and other marketing publications.

Consider designing your logo. Or, you can usually find graphic artists in your community who will create a logo from your sketch. Online marketplaces for freelance graphic design services are another resource.

Squirrel Fonts—  Free Font Generator – great for finding a  Logo Font.

Copy Writing

Your website is made up words, or better known as “copy.” For some people writing copy comes easily; others might need support in finding the right words to get their message across.

Try writing your website copy in your voice. You can always turn to a friend or relative that knows and appreciates your work to help you edit the results.

And last but not least, brevity (a concise and exact use of words) is a good rule of thumb.

Grammarly— Free Writing-enhancement platform

Non-Profit and Community Benefit Organizations

Open Rivers— Join with a free membership 

At Open Rivers you’ll find a growing trove of transparent articles, actionable resources, and a heart-centered, collaborative community. All with one aim: to make it easier for you to get funded.


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